Rudy Metz is a certified Airframe & Powerplant mechanic with an Inspection Authorization. He has been an A&P mechanic and private pilot in Colorado for 30 years.

My personal philosophy is that safety of flight is the most important element of aircraft maintenance.

My work is conscientious and precise. I perform a thorough research of all Airworthiness Directives specific to your aircraft model and serial number. I conduct a careful and complete inspection of your aircraft. And, I use FAA approved data for all inspections and maintenance.

I sit down with my clients and hear their concerns before any work starts. We come to an agreement about what will be done and what kind of costs to expect. And, I provide detailed documentation of all of my work.

I participate in owner assisted annual inspections. As an aircraft owner there are many things that you could do to save a lot of money on the annual. Most of the servicing, filter changes, greasing, and cleaning that are done during an annual can be done by an aircraft owner. I also perform Pre-Purchase and Annual Condition Inspections on Light Sport and Experimental aircraft.